A.A.Hutton offers services ranging from diligence to central and local government recovery services and added value services such as online payment.

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Diligence is the name given to the process of enforcing and executing Scottish Civil Court Orders. A A Hutton can deal with any client instruction anywhere in Scotland. We have the means and expertise to deliver a fast and efficient response.

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A A Hutton offers a comprehensive package which can be tailored to individual clients needs with regard to Revenue Recovery and/or enforcement. We utilise the latest technology to maximise results for our clients. Clients can have online access to their specific caseload data should they so wish.

Added Value

A A Hutton accepts all major credit/debit cards. These can be used via this website where the process is conducted by WorldPay (part of the Royal Bank of Scotland) thus ensuring total security of personal information. By our IVR automated telephone payments system or by telephone hotline to one of our collection staff, thereby maximising the prospects of a successful conclusion and settlement.